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Power Tools Infos/Tutorials

********* Overview **********

1. Resources

  • Shows all your resources and troops that you have in each city as well as showing the total number of resources and troops that you have.

  • Shows City name, coordinates of each city, province of each city, defending status of each city, food +/-, and food left. Also shows wilds that you have in each city, knights, troops and wall ques.

2. Troops

  • Shows similar informations as "Resources"

3. Buildings

  • Shows all your buildings status

4. Info

  • Give you link information sites to scripts(Power Bot, Power Tools, Greasemonkey, etc...)

  • Shows your crest info(how many you have and how many you need)

  • Shows build cost, troop status and upkeep of each troop.

********* Marching **********

1. Incoming

  • Shows incoming attacks from hostile or just attackers

2. Marching

  • Shows all current marching troops, raids, or encamped, etc...

3. Reinforced

  • Shows encamped troops that are at each of your embassies

********* Train ***********

City: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Troop Types:[Supply Troop] (Max -----)     Build Defenses:(Max:0  Owned:9516)

# of Troops to Train:[0 ] (Max -)          # of Def to Build:(Max 0)

    Barracks:[1 ] (Max 0)              Space(Wall):( Max 9)
        [x]Use Workers             Wall (Current Level): 9
        [--- Speed Up ---]         Wall Defense: 22500/22500
                       Field Defense: 22500/22500
                [ Train Troops ]           [ ---Speed Up--- ]
                           [ Build Defenses ]

  • Here's a great feature of the power tools which allows you to both train troops as well as wall defenses in one feature.In order for this to properly work, you must remember to check "Use Workers" .

  • Allows you to delete queu's of troops as well as wall defenses queu's in each city.

Please message me if I need to add something else. Thanks

********* Map *********

- Shows all the provinces that there is in the this domain and also shows where your cities are in the map

********* Player *********

Search for User: [   ] [Find User][UID]
Search for alliance: [   ] [Find Alliance]
                                Estimated Arrival:
[Alliances] [NEW PEOPLES ARMY]                    [--Select--]

  • Here you can search for a particular person or alliance.

  • You can also find a player's other domains here by using their "UID" number. Once name is found, just click the number under "UID" . it should lead you to a new tab. It's a KOC Mapper.

  • You can also list all alliance here by clicking "Alliances" just like in-game alliance. Though you can view more things comparing to the in-game one. Here, it shows their might, lvls of castle, etc...

  • You can also view your own alliance's members and find out who's online.

  • Allows you to see if online status when searching for a particular person.

  • Allows you to see ETA of each troop type to a certain person's coordinate.

  • Allows you to see ETA of each troop type from each of your city to a certain coordinate.

********* Knight **********

  • Shows all your Knights and their status. Levels, Salaries and Roles.

  • In this feature of Power Tools you can *assign skills* easily than having to go to the Knight's Hall itself and go from there.

********* Wilds **********

  • Shows all you wilds from each of your city as well as traps and mercenaries that you hire *Hire Veterans as soon as possible as well as all traps, set them all when you can*

********* Options **********

  1. Options

  • You should have the following checked off.

[x]Enable window drag (move window by dragging top bar with mouse)
[x]Hide window when clicking on map coordinates.
[x]Show 'food left' in RED if food will run out in less than[ 24 ]hours, does NOT affect the food alert anymore!
[ ]Enable Tower food alert. (Warning set to 6 hours, checked every 30min.)
[x]Enable sound alert on whisper (NEW)
[x]Enable sound alert on tower alert in chat (NEW)

KofC Features:
[x]Enable enhanced Alliance Reports.
[x]Allow other scripts to change format of Alliance Reports.
[-]Enable enhanced messaging ("forward" and "all officers" buttons).
[x]Enhanced page navigation for messages and reports.
[-]Warn if attempting to march to location 0,0.
[x]Enable GMT clock next to "Camelot Time"
[x]Enable target city picker in attack dialog (reinforce, reassign and transport)
[x]Display # of rounds in battle reports
[x]Enable delete button when displaying battle report

KofC Bug Fixes:
[x]Fix tower report to show exact target (city, wild or invalid)
[-]Fix map to show distances from currently selected city, instead of always the first city.
[-]Fix false attack alerts created from scouting missions.
[x]Do not automatically select a knight when changing march type to scout, transport or reassign
[x]Keep map coordinate box/bookmarks on top of troop activity

      2.   Layout

         - Layout:

[x]Enable Chat Enable Chat enhancements (clickable coords, click on icon to whisper, colors).
[x]Enable Global background color.
[x]Enable Whisper in Red Font.
[ ]Enable Chat in Bold Font.
[x]Enable Red background on tower alert.
[x]Enable background for alliance Leaders. (NEW)

         - Colors:

  • It's up to you. Only you can see it anyways...

Chat Color - Global:
Chat Color - Leaders:
General - Title:
General - Dark Row:
General - Button Selected:
General - Tab Clicked:
General - Tabs:
Overview - Dark Rows:

********* Reports **********

  • Allows you to see reports in the alliance. Also, it allows you to see reinforcement troop amount(not an error like in the game report)

  • If you want to see reinforcements, just set both "Attacker:" and "Target:" to "Us" then check "Reinforce" and click "Start Search" .

********* Alliance ************

  • Shows the list of all members in the alliance(your alliance) as well as list of your alliance diplomaties.

  • Take a look and play with it... lol!:D

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