Saturday, September 24, 2011

Barbarian Raids

Here's a great feature from Kabam. This feature was purposely added on KoC due to server crashes from players that uses scripts, specifically the KOCAttack - Extra Features or any other like it. Before the raids, players had to manually attack a wild/barb and each attack = 1 request from KoC server and less attacks = less request = no server crashes = less logs and less errors. Then there came scripts, which does not violate KoC game Policy.

Scripts allowed players to grow their might faster and easier though in return, KoC server is flooded with requests cause minor errors. Imagine this, there are atleast 1k-5k players in one domain and in that domain atleast half are using scripts. Each player sends atleast 60-75 attacks when "barbing" per minute, multiply that by 1hr, by 24hr and multiply that by the amount of script users and just the amount of that is enough to blow your mind. Then multiply that by how many domain there are that the server has to manage = BOOM! Server Crashes...

You get the idea. lol That's why raid were created, it only needs one request and it goes on for 24hrs before asking another.


Barbarian Camps:

Using Cavalry:

Level 1 Barbarian Camp - 2K Cavalry
Level 2 Barbarian Camp - 3K Cavalry
Level 3 Barbarian Camp - 6K Cavalry

Using Heavy Cavalry:

Level 1 Barbarian Camp - 1K Heavy Cavalry
Level 2 Barbarian Camp - 2K Heavy Cavalry
Level 3 Barbarian Camp - 4.5k Heavy Cavalry

Using Archers:

Level 1 Barbarian Camp - 500 Archers
Level 2 Barbarian Camp - 900 Archers
Level 3 Barbarian Camp - 2700 Archers (w/ L6 Fletching)
Level 4 Barbarian Camp - 6500 Archers (w/ L8 Fletching)
Level 5 Barbarian Camp - 15k Archers (w/ L8 Fletching)
Level 6 Barbarian Camp - 25k Archers (w/L9 Flecthing) - Or - 24k Archers (w/ L10 Fletching)
Level 7 Barbarian Camp - 55k Archers (w/L9 Fletching) - Or - 45k Archers (w/L10 Fletching)
Level 8 Barbarian Camp - 28k Ballista and 1 Archer (w/L10 Fletching) - Or - 35k Ballista (w/L9 Flecthing)
Level 9 Barbarian Camp - 45k Ballista and 45k Archers (w/L9 Fletching)

*********** Raids ************

I recommend training archers first when starting out and that all of your cities should be raiding.

Let's assume you don't have any troops yet and currently training archers. once you have enough archers to barb level 1, do so...fill you rally point with raids attacking level 1 but leave 1 slot open for transport/reassign purposes. once you have enough archers to move on to the next level - well...move on there hahah! and you just keep repeating the process untill you reach lvl 7 dont worry about lvl 9 yet. :)


First, look for the closest barb that you want to attack or you could use Search in Bot to find the closest.
Once found:

  1. Click the barb
  • Click Raid
  • Place the amount of archers needed for that barb level
  • Then Click "Raid and Save"
  • And you just repeat the process to fill in your rally point.

If you want to attack a new level of "barb" do the same process and fill in you rally point leaving 1 slot open.


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