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Power Bot Infos/Tutorials

********** Tower **********

Click Bot
 >Click Tower

Once open, under "Tower Alerts" shows all your cities.

    Ex. Vildremwich I    -  Your city name
           Def = ON/OFF   -  Defending switch - Just click on it and will turn "ON" or "OFF"
           A0 / S0              -  Defending Status

 - "A0 / S0" - If you click on will show you the amount of troops you have in that city only.
   It also shows Incoming attack to that city if you are underattack.

Under "Configuration" section of the Tower, you should have the following checked off(marked by [x]).


    [ ]Text message incoming attack to:    (Standard text messaging rates apply)


    [x]Automatically post incoming attacks to alliance chat.

            Message Prefix: **I'm being attacked!**

          Alert on scouting: [x]

        Alert on wild attack: [ ]  - Your choice to check

       Display defend status: [x]

       Minimum # of troops: 1000   - Number of your choice

    [ ]Stop raids on impending.    - I don't recommend. hahaha

    [x]Play sound on incoming attack/scout

       Sound file:

         Volume:       100    Loaded

              [x]Repeat every _1_ minutes

                 Play for _5_ seconds

*********** Auto Build ***********

Click Bot
 >Click Build

  •  First, "Auto Build" Should be off. Turn on "Build Mode" and you can always choose your Build type.
            Lvl up, Lvl Max and destruct.:) for the sake of this tutorial lets pick "Lvl Max" :D

  • Close Bot and go to the cities that needs to build lvl 1(2,3,etc) structures to max lvl. Just simply click all the buildings you need to build, or want to build. Remember to click the building just one time. You dont want to have it rebuild twice, not literally but it does 'cause errors(not bad errors, just minor like confusing the Bot script:D).

  • Once everything is "clicked" to build from all your cities, reopen Bot and you should be in build. At the bottom, It shows all your city names and under it has two buttons that says "Show" and "Cancel All."

  • Click "Show" and you should see all your Build Queu's.
                - Click "Optimize by Time" and you should do this to all you cities. Also, once in awhile you should re-Optimize by Time because it Usually scramble itself(the build times), so once in a while you need to click re-optimize.

  •  Finally you can choose to check "Ask for Help" to the alliance and once set and done just turn off the "Build Mode" and turn on "Auto Build." And there you have it.

********* Reassign ***********

Click Bot
 >Click Reassign

Under "ADD REASSIGN ROUTE" section.

     - From City:   [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

     - To City:        [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

    Time inbetween to check reassign:_1_minutes - time of your choosing - Tho i'd set it to 1min
     [ ] Lock troops value

    Fill in the number of troops you want to keep in a city:

     Supply Troop          Militiaman          Scout          Pikeman
      [] ---                [] ---              [] ---         [] ---

     Swordsman             Archer              Cavalry        Heavy Cavalry
      [] ---                [] ---              [] ---         [] ---

     Supply Wagon          Ballista            Battering Ram  Catapult
      [] ---                [] ---              [] ---         [] ---

This is what you would usually see. If not, I don't know what the hell is going on. lol!
Anyways, lets get back to business...

  •  Players tend to attack with one city or so-called "Main City" . So they set the rest of their cities to reassign to Main.

   Let's say your main city is city "#2" and we are trying to reassign all troops there from
   other cities you have and/or will be producing from your other cities. In this case city "#1"

          > First, you'll have to click City "#2" in "To City:" , then from "From City:" ,
            Click city "#1" . and let's say you're reassigning all you Scout from city "#1"
            to city "#2"

            Check Scout and set the number to "0" , meaning you'll leave zero amount of scouts
            in that city, reassigning them to city "#2" . Then just click "Add Route"
            If you want to reassign all you troops and leaving nothing in that city, just check
            all troop trypes and set the number to "0" . Then just click "Add Route"

            Just do the same for your other cities if you have a main.

  • Other Players have certain amounts of troops they want to leave in each of their cities while at the same time being able to reassign troops that are newly produced/made to other cities - vise versa. (I do this :D)

   Let's say you want to leave exact 500k of each troops you have in city "#2" and transfer the extra troops to
   the other city you are trying to do the same to, let's say city "#1" .

          > First, you'll have to click "From City:" "#2" , and Click "To City:" "#1" . Then in troops,
            check all the trooop type and set the number to "500000" . Which means once that troop type reaches
            500k, any excess troops will be reassign to city "#1" .

            And you can repeat the same process once city "#1" reaches the troop amount you set to other cities.

If you want to delete the reassignments just click "Show Routes" and from there, you can delete them or edit them
from there.

Just tweek/play with this once you get the hang of this feature of Power Bot. If you have any questions please
don't hesitate to ask/message me.

********* Reinforce ************

Click Bot
 >Click Reinforce

From City: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

To City:   [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]        OR  X:[  ]       Y:[  ]

Distance: --.--     Reinforce ETA: --s           Food:[   ]Max

    Fill in the number of troops you want to keep in a city:

     Supply Troop          Militiaman          Scout          Pikeman
      [] ---                [] ---              [] ---         [] ---

     Swordsman             Archer              Cavalry        Heavy Cavalry
      [] ---                [] ---              [] ---         [] ---

     Supply Wagon          Ballista            Battering Ram  Catapult
      [] ---                [] ---              [] ---         [] ---

          [ --Choose a Knight-- ]                        [ Reinforce ]

Reinforcing is quite simple, just like going to rally point but even more simplier. Let's get started...

          > First, Let's say you want to reinforce you city "#1" from your other cities. Click "From City:" "#2"
            and click "To City:" "#1" . Let's say you want to reinforce it with scout for anti-scouts purposes...

            You can choose the amount of troops you want to send or just click "Max" . Then all you have to do
            is click "Reinforce" at the bottom. You can also choose to send a knight when reinforcing.

You can also use this tool to reinforce your fellow members.

          > All you have to do is click a city from "From City:" (which ever city you have troops and would use
            to reinforce) and at the "To City:" you just have to go where it says "OR" and right next to it says
            X:[   ]    Y:[   ]. all you have to do is type or copy and paste their coordinate there. Then just
            Click "Reinforce" .

********* Search **********

Click Bot
 >Click Search

Search for:[Barb Camp]   Search style:[Sqaure]
           [Wilderness]               [Circle]

        At: X=[ ] Y=[ ]  Radius:[ ]  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

        Or: Search entire province:[ --provinces-- ]

                                           [Start Search]

Search for Barbarians
Center: ---,--- Distance: --


Min. Level to show:[ ]
Max. Level to show:[ ]
           Sort By:[Distance]
  Coordinates only:[ ]


  • Its pretty simple to use this feature of power bot. You just have to choose what you are searching for like barb camps. In search style you can choose either square or circle, the difference is you can find more using Circle (Makes sense hahaha duh, anyways...) style.

  • The Max search for radius  is "75" - you can choose however far you want to seach

  • You dont have to select any provinces but if you can't find anything around your city, then you can choose to select a province closer to your province.

  • If you are searching for certain barb/wild level, once you click search, under "LIST OPTIONS" put whatever level number in "Min. level to show" and the same number goes the same for "Max. level to show" .

---Just toy with it a little bit until you get the hang of it.:D

********* Gifts ***********

Click Bot
 >Click Gift

As of now Gifts feature is not working since since Kabam has disabled it until further notice. They are fixing
some bugs and patching things because of the recent even that occured. Apparently, the recent event about
gifting DI, etc... has been going on before the actual leak which would have explain why other players have
more DIs used than anyone. Which other players refer to them as hackers. lol:D

********* Crest **********

Click Bot
 >Click Crest

[Crest = OFF]    [HELP]    [ ]Send Crest report every[1 ]hours

Crest from city: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Wild coords: X:[ ] Y:[ ]

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

I apologize I cannot provide you a tutorial for this feature since I never use this. I usually use
KOCAttack - Extra Features!

But I'd really appreciate if someone can add one here for me. Thanks in advance!:D

********* Transport ***********

Click Bot
 >Click Transport

Time inbetween to check transport: [1] minutes
Dont send transport out if less then [100] troops are needed. (Needless transports are skipped this way)
If the "trade" amount is 0 then it will transport the max amount above "keep". Gold only if there is space left...

From City: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

To City:     [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]         OR X:[  ]     Y:[  ]

TroopType:[Supply Wagon]     Troops Available: ---,---     Global Carry Amount: --,---,---,---
Troops:   [0       ]Max      [<----]           Resources:0/0 (Troops Needed: 0)

Food:  ---,---,---,---        ----     [ ]Keep:[0    ]                 Trade:[0    ]Max
Wood:  --,---,---,---        ----     [ ]Keep:[0    ]                 Trade:[0    ]Max
Stone: --,---,---,---         ----     [ ]Keep:[0    ]                 Trade:[0    ]Max
Ore:   ---,---,---,---         ----     [ ]Keep:[0    ]                 Trade:[0    ]Max
Gold:  ---,---,---,---         ----     [ ]Keep:[0    ]                 Trade:[0    ]Max

                                   [Add Route] [Manual Transport]

Just like reassigning troops goes the same for transport.

If you want to transport a certain type of resource you must check it and have a "Keep" amount.
The "Trade" part is what it will send at a time or the maximum it will send at a time.

    Example: Transport "From City" "#1" to "To City" "#2" . Food**

        From City: [ #1 ]

        To City:   [ #2 ]

        TroopType:[Supply Wagon]     Troops Available: ---,---     Global Carry Amount:--------
        Troops:   [0       ]Max      [<----]           Resources:0/0 (Troops Needed: 0)

        Food:40,000,000,000   [x]Keep:[ 10,000,000 ]      Trade:[5,000,000]Max

This means that it will keep 10mil food in that city and will be trading 5mil into the other city, subtracting it from 40mil. Once the city has only 10mil food left, it will no longer send any food. But if your city produces any extra from raids it will automatically send it. And so on...

Now all you have to do is click "Add Route" Then click "Transport = off" to "Transport = On" .

If you wanna delete the transport again you can just click "Show Routes" and delete it from there.

If you still have trouble, please ask/message me. Thanks:)

********* Options ***********

Click Bot
 >Click Options

You should have the following checked off.

Power Bot Config:
[x]Enable window drag (move window by dragging top bar with mouse)
[x]Remember window open state on refresh
[x]Hide window when clicking on map coordinates
[x]Enable widescreen style: [WideScreen] >> (all domains, requires refresh)

KofC Features:
[x]Disable all Fairie popup windows
[x]Refresh if KOC not loaded within 1 minute (all domains)
[x]Refresh KOC every 30 minutes -------------------------------- time of your choosing
[x]Put chat on right (requires wide screen)
[x]Use WideMap (requires wide screen)
[x]Auto collect gold when happiness reaches [--]%
[  ]Enable Food Alert (On less then 6 Hours of food checked every hour)

Extra Features:
[x]Help alliance build/research posts
[x]Hide alliance requests in chat
[x]Auto publish Facebook posts for [Only Me] >>>> (For all domains)
[x]Show Player & Might in map.
[x]Auto delete barb/transport reports from you
[x]Auto delete transport reports to you
[  ]Auto delete wild reports

********* Spam *********

Click Bot
 >Click Spam

Spam is very simple to use. Let's say we are going to spam/advertise in global for recruiting purposes

First, Type your spam or leave the default which is, "Join my Alliance!!" then if you want to start
sending it to global, you should change "Send To Alliance" into "Send To Global" by clicking on it
once. Once its done, just simply click "Spam off" and it will turn to "Spam On"

You can also change the minutes of which it will resend another spam. Usu. 10minutes...

********* Resources **********

Click Bot
 >Click Resources
  >Click "Fetch User List"
  >Select City where you want the resources to go.
  >Select what type of resources you want to recieve(for me always Ore:D).
  >Click "All" then Click "Accept Resources"

Basically the same as visiting a friend's Court.

********** Raid **********

Click Bot
 >Click Raid
  >Turn on "Auto Reset"

It shows your current raids from each city. you can also delete raids from
here only once all raids have been stopped or if you stopped one raid and decided to delete it

********** Auto Train **********

Click Bot(Top left screen corner)
 >Click AutoTrain

 - Check the boxes of the cities you want troops to train or check them all if you want all
   your cities to train.

 - Next to your City Name says "--Select--" , select the troop type you want to train.
   For me, I train the same troop type in each of my city, faster to get them that way.

 - Choosing the Min. and Max. troops is up to you and it also depends on the troop type you want
   to train.

   ex. "check" "Vildremwich I" "HCav" "Min. 500" "Max. 501"
       >>>I do this because they take forever to make and since I'm always online I don't
          need to worry about training again just to fill the que's. Min. and Max. train
          depends on you.:D

 - "Use Workers" Should be set to 100% so you can use your entire population making troops.
   Dont worry about population going negative. It's just better that way lol.:D

 - Finally, dont worry about the resource part, just leave it be.:) resources are plenty within
   the alliance so you can always ask for it.:)

   After everything is set and done, just turn on the AutoTrain to easier life. lol:D

********* Log **********

Click Bot
 >Click Log

As simple as it sounds, as simple as it works. lol
all it does is create log of everything you do such as train, build, etc...
simple as that. hahaha! nothing special...

********* Chat **********

Click Bot
 >Click Chat

    [ ]Enable chat functions
    [ ]Enable password:[  ]          [ ]Auto blacklist players if 1st attempt fails
    [ ]Allowed Players:[          ]
                                            Blacklisted Players

Type "/[Player] units?" to get a unit count
Type "/[Player] attacks? to get impending attacks
Player name is cAsE-SeNsItIvE

This is a very unique tool, in which you can see other player's troops total number as well as the
impending attacks.

All you have to do is check the following:

    [x]Enable chat functions
    [ ]Enable password: ******     -   optional i think

Next, type the name of the player(s) you want to allow to see you troop count. Just remember that the names cAsE-SeNsItIvE.

Remember that it only work if the person allows you to view their troop counts...

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