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The best defence is a layered defence.

When the bad guys show up they will attack the first thing that comes to them. That means the fastest troops will be the first to fight.

The fastest troop is the scout. Followed by the regular Calvary, after them heavy cavalry, then pike, then sword, and archers.

Now because scouts have no attack and no defense they are quick to die. Calvary is not much better when it comes to attacking or defending but they are a help if you know how to use them.

The reason why the layer defence works so well is as follows…

The bad guys come running at you and your troops run at them… the first thing that the bad guys run into is your scouts (cuz they ran the fastest)… they attack your scouts and kill them… you then attack with your ranged troops (archers and balli) and your Xbows… The bad guys lose a bunch of troops and move forward.. then then run into your Calvary and kill them you now get a second round to attack with your ranged troops and Xbows.. if u have any field defences then you would have gotten even one more round of attacks before the bad guys reach your walls or archers.

Now it does not matter if you have 1 scout or 5000 scouts running out to stop the bad guys… the result is the same… the bad guys have to stop and kill all the scouts before they can advance and kill your walls… the following is used to take out maximum troops with the fewest losses as possible.

If u see an attack coming pull all your scouts and reg Calvary from that city EXCEPT 1 of each… move these extra scouts and horses to your closest city not under attack…as soon as the first wave has hit your city return 1 of each (scout and Calvary) back to that city so you are ready for the next wave of bad guys.

By doing this it does few things for ya.

1- By having a scout running out to meet the bad guys it gives your archers a free round of attacks. The Calvary also gives you a free round of attacks… (Okay not free each round cost you troops but they are cheap troops)

2- Scouts are fast and run along ways thus pushing the battle further away from your city and if they sent slower troops at you then your archers will get extra rounds of attacks as their men try and make the long distance to your city.

3- By removing all but 1 scout and 1 Calvary from your city you have limited your losses to next to nothing and maximised your killing ability
Supply Troops
You need them until you can build supply wagons, after than they are useless, slow and not worth having

They are just about useless. They are slow and eat a lot. Scouts cost more than MM but MM eat more. I have known player that use MM to take out traps and also use MM to kill scouts if someone is defending… there are better ways to do both.

They are used to look at other cities and most already know this but they are also good at other things as well. If someone is scouting you the only way to stop them and kill their scouts is is you are defending with more scouts than them.
I also use scouts for 2 other things. First I use scouts to take out traps. 1 scout per trap, now you can use MM or Supply troops or any other troops you have to take out traps but the scouts are faster than anything else and you can send your main attacking right away… I hate telling the bad guys I am coming and give them extra time.
The other thing I use scouts for is defence.. keep 1 in any city your are defending (explained in next message)

A great layering unit something every defending city should have. They are best against regular Calvary but with enough of them can also stop HC. Pike have a 2 death 1 kill with cavalry and a 3 death per 1 kill for heavy Calvary. When you scout someone and your scouts die this is the best unit to use to kill scouts. They can kill a crap ton of scouts without losing many if any troops. But not only will they kill all the scouts the next unit that will run out and say hi to them (after the scouts are dead) is the regular Calvary… and nothing kills regular Calvary better than pike. If I am attacking in the blind (they killed my scouts) I will send 5k pike in… now if they have traps and what not I will take them out with the pike and other field defences… but once they are gone 5k pike will kill all of there scouts and now u can send a scout in and see what u are up against.

Bang for the dollar this is the best unit made. It is pretty good on attacks and also a great defender. You can barb with them. The Archer is the work horse of this game. Although other units can carry more or are faster or have me defense or more attack. The archer is the most well rounded of all troops. As long as you have other troops to stand in front of your archers they are a great defence.
When attacking a player with millions of troops nothing will kill everything in 1 wave. But 100k archers marching in on a layered defence will still kill about 40k or there archers. If you and the rest of the alliance can send 60 waves at a player that will take out about 2.4 million archers (if the bad guy had that many) I like to send 10% swords and 90% archers.. the swords are a little faster and have better defence than the archer and will help the archers get off more shots and kill more (even though the swords will kill nothing). When barbing with Archers I attack level 4-7 with archers. the ratio of how many archers to send per level changes are your researches go up. By the time you have Fletching and the what not up to level 10 you will only need 40k archers to take out a level 7 barb (make sure your idle knight is above 100 skill).

Swords have good defence and are faster than Archers but are not fast enough. If you send 100k swords against 100k archers every sword would be dead before the swords can reach the archers. I use some swords with my archers (see above) and I keep them in my cities I am defending in as they are 1 more layer to defend with. If the guy you are attacking is not defending and just has Xbows to take out you can use swords to take the Xbows out. You need to send a minimum of 3 swords per Xbow

This is a great unit but it has its weakness. It is fast and can carry a lot. They are great for long range raids. They are also a great barbing unit. Use 1k for level 1 barb and 2k for level 2 barb and 4k for a level 3 barb. Also keep 1 in every city you are defending.

Heavy Calvary
This is a great unit. They take a long time to build and they eat a lot but WOW they can do some damage against the bad guys. If the guy did not layer his defence and all you are facing is 250k archers… just send in the HC and 100k HC will kill off all of the archers. the defence for this is a good layered defence. With 200k Pike and 400k archers the HC will run into the pike (kill like 20-30k pike) and then just die with all the archers hitting them. Get rid of the pike and the 100k HC will kill off about 310k archers. You can also barb with HC. 1K for a level 1 and 2 k for a level 2 and 3k for a level 3.
When I send in the HC I like to send regular Calvary with then in the ratio of 10% regs and 90% HC. The regs will hit the spiked defence first and take them out, the Xbows and archers will take out the the regs. Then the HC run up and kill the Xbows and archers. this way you will lose less HC. I have also been told archers and HC are a deadly combo but have not played with the ratio and need to do some testing. If any of you have info on archer/HC will you please send it to me?

Supply wagon
You need them (enough said)

The best defence unit in the game, as long as you have a layered defence. Like the archers they are great at killing from a distance but do not like melee type units in there face. Calvary or HC will take them out if they are get close enough. As long as you have other troops ready to run out and say hi the balli will chew up the bad guys. The Balli has a couple of things that hurt it. 1- it is slow.. although they will kill a lot of troops if you attack with them it takes a very long time for them to get there and unless the guy is close most likely by the time the balli arrive you will be facing a fully reinforced city. 2- they are PIGS they eact a crap ton of food and unless you are a barbing master it will be hard for you to keep more than 100k at a time without running out of food. You can also barb with them (ratio is with 100 skill knight and max level researches) 28k for a level 8 barb and 54K for a 9 barb

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