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KOCAttack - Extra Features!! + AutoCresting

Remember that cresting with this script is very risky with loses. I recommend using mm(1st wave) and archers(2nd wave) ONLY since they are easy to replace. Using this script requires you that you care less in archer loses and that you must have plenty of then. 400k-500k archers should be enough to get all your cities. I assure you that your troop loses will be worth it once you have all your cities. When cresting you MUST remember to open up all you rally point slots for use. This allows you to attack more wilds per hour and gives you higher percentage of gaining the crests that you need for your city.

The entire domain receives at least 50% of crest of the total number of wilds that exist in the domain per hour. The higher the lvl of wilds you're attacking, the higher that you will likely get one. You MUST remember that you must be attacking all type of wild. just follow the autocresting tutorial below. And remember that you must not forget the option setting which is directly below this statements I am writing.

Only 1 city should be cresting and all your archers should be there as well as the MMs. 4-6hrs of cresting will get all of your cities, well obviously automated cresting... all you have to do is leave your computer on.:) or continue cresting later when you can log back in to the game. Remember 4-6hr time given is only for those that leave there computer on all day(like me hehehe). But for those that logs off, I guarantee you that you will get your crest faster than autocrest from power bot. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE READY TO LOOSE 85% OF YOUR ARCHERS FROM 400K-500K that you have or will have.

if you have a lvl 9 rally point have this:
Level 9 wild
1st wave: 600MMs
2nd wave:90,000 Archers
you'll loose at least 3k-4k archers

if you have a lvl 10 rally point have this:
1st wave:600MMs
2nd wave:100,000 Archers
you'll at least 3k-4k archers

just take the loses, its worth it.

and so on...

All is RISKY but WORTH IT...

********* Option **********

You should have the following checked...

Attack Order: [ Closest targets first ]

Attack Type: [x]Camp [x]Wilderness  [ ]City [ ]Transport
   Have Camp and wilderness always checked when auto cresting.
Prioritise attacks for: ( )Camps ( )City ( )Transport ( )Wildernesses (x)None
   When auto cresting, set it to wilderness otherwise just leave it to none.
[ 5 ]seconds inbetween sending each attack
   Faster but risky when autocresting - mm sometimes takes long marches than 2nd wave
   but don't worry about it. You can change it to less or more seconds, personally I would
   prefer just 5 seconds.
Time inbetween sending to the same target...
    Attacking camp: [ 1 ]hrs
    Attacking wilderness: [ 1 ]hrs
    Attacking city: [ 12 ]hrs
    Transporting: [ 1 ]mins
    If transporting, try to keep at least[ 1000000  ]of each resource in each city (NEW)
[ 10 ]% random adjustment for all delays (to look more human).
    You can change it to 20% if you want.
[ 70 ]max distance away from city to attack/transport.
    You can set it to 75(max distance).
[ x ]Only launch attacks from city they were first launched from.

[ x ]Deselect knight when not in attack mode.

[ x ]Retry march if it has unknown/excess traffic error (press reload after changing this option).
     Very important when AutoCresting since you are sending multiple attacks!
[  ]Stop auto attack on impeding alert. (Will not restart auto after the attack. Use at your own risk)
Open up this URL (such as a link to a sound/video file) in a tab when we're under attack:
      This is optional but not recommended.
[                                                                ]

[ x ]Auto remove barbarian/wilderness attack reports.
       Always have this checked because you'll be flooded with reports from AutoCresting
[  ]Auto remove farm attack reports.

[ 10 ]attack reports to keep maximum in the attack dialog.

[  ]Disable viewing of reports, this will also disable collecting of reports for the attack page.

[ 75 ]% of idle population available before we auto train [ 95 ]% of max available.
To enable auto training, toggle the auto train button under a troop type in the barracks.
Note: If you auto train 100% of max population, you might sometimes encounter resource errors due to game caching.
[99    ]% happiness before we click auto gold.
To enable auto gold, toggle the auto gold button from inside your castle overview window.
[x]Disable the annoying "Invite Friends" popup dialog in-game.

[x]Automatically help alliance members with building/researching.

[x]Hide alliance help requests/reports in chat (if above is checked, then after helping).

[x]Automatically publish game popups (such as help requests) to facebook wall.
If above is checked, what privacy setting should we use?[Only Me] - up to you

[x]Automatically log back into domain if disconnected due to maintenance or server down-time.

[ ]Enable diagnostic logging in the Firefox error console messages window (useful if trying to debug a problem or if you are submitting details along with a bug report).

[20    ]seconds inbetween changing cities.

Cycle thru all the cities[2   ]times and then wait[20   ]secs before refreshing.

Cities to attack from: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Import/Export: Paste or copy the settings here...

[Import] [Export]

[Save] [Cancel] [Reset options] [Reset all!] [Delete all stored attacks] [Delete transports]

If you notice anything odd about the attacks when you turn it on. just go back to "Options" and "Delete all stored attacks"  . Once clicked, it should refresh your game and all you have to do now is redo the bulking of your attack or the tutorial below.

********* Auto Cresting *********

***I don't know how to use the cresting option on BOT***
***I'll use my old way***
***You MUST have all Rally Point's slots available for use***

First, you need to search for wilderness using the BOT Search(easy enough):

Search for: Wilderness---Search style: Square---Radius: 60-70

Select city to search from...

Hit: Start Search

The levels of wilds you want to attack is totally up to you but i personally would recommend lvl. 9. Lvl 9 wild gives you all the crest that you need for all you cities. Just follow bellow and again wild levels are completely up to you.

---List Options:
Min.lvl: 8 or 9
Max.lvl: 8 0r 9 lvls 8&9 will give you greater chance of getting a crest.
Wild type: ALL
check: Unowned only(for obvious reasons)
Sort By: Distance
check: Coordinates only

But if you are starting out or prefer other levels to attack please do so just change the amount of troops that fits with the level you are attacking.

You can check the "CREST HUNTING" and "Barb & Wild Guide" Doc for wilderness guide...

The search will take a while since you are searching for all wilds(that includes plains btw) and only 250 coordinates can be shown until the whole search is done. Once the search is complete(remember to check coordinates only), copy all the coordinates(there should be a couple hundreds or maybe a thousand) and paste to a notepad or where ever use can keep it close for instant use.

Now, go to the city that you searched from:

Go to: 1st Wave
  • Rally Point
  • March Troops
            >Place the amount of militiamen(lvl8 = 300) for the wild you are attacking.
  • Bulk add coords
            >Check *overwrite existing attack if one already exist*
            >Type of Location: click *wilderness*
            >Check *This is an initial suicide wave....*
  • Then copy and paste the coordinates that you search. scroll down.
  • Click: Bulk Add

Once registering is done *DO NOT CLICK MARCH* you can either close it or just change a couple of things for 2nd wave attack. Just to be safe... here's second.

Go to: 2nd wave
  • Rally Point
  • March
            >Place The amount of Archers for the wild you are attacking
  • Bulk add coords
            >Check *overwrite existing attack....*
            >Type of Location: click *wilderness*
            >*DO NOT CHECK: This is an initial suicide wave....*
               Or just uncheck it if it is check, this is your 2nd wave.
  • Copy and paste coords again if not there already. scroll down.
  • Click: Bulk Add

***DO NOT CLICK MARCH*** just simply X-out or close or whatever you call it.:D

One more thing ***The "Option" button next to Auto Attack - on/off  view***
>Click options
 >Attack type: Check both "Camp" & "Wilderness"
This is very important. If wilderness is not check, once you turn on auto attack. There will be no actions, meaning the auto attack won't start.

This type of Cresting goes with the auto-attack. so once you are set--ready for cresting... just turn on the auto-attack to on.
It should be at top-left, under the TOOLS-BOT, right next to Options.:D

I guarantee you that you will get all your crest that you need for you 7 cities.
Within 4-6hrs straight of auto cresting you should get all of them.
requirements is:
- 400k-500k archers
- 100k-200k mms

Both are the same. lol:D

***You MUST have all Rally Point's slots available for use***

Open bot and search wilderness

Distance - up to you but around 30 clicks

Type - ALL wilds

** Make sure unowned is ticked***

Level will depend on what city you are cresting for just chose one level.

  • Sir Bor's Crest: Levels 5-7
  •  Sir Ector's Crest: Levels 5-7
  •  Sir Kay's Crest: Levels 5-8
  •  Sir Bedivere's Crest: Levels 6-8
  •  Sir Gawain's Crest: Levels 6-8
  •  Sir Percival's Crest: Levels 7-9
  •  Sir Galahad's Crest: Levels 7-9
  •  Sir Lancelot's Crest: Levels 7-9
  •  King Arthur's Crest: Levels 8-10
  •  Morgana's Seal: Levels 8-10
  •  Mordred's Seal: Levels 8-10
I highly suggest that you choose Lvl. 9 wilderness to attack because it will give you a very high percentage of getting a crest. Remember that crests does not choose a particular type wilderness but appears in all types.

Once you have searched tick the cords only box.
Highlight the cords and copy them. You can paste them into a notepad for safe keeping while you set up the next step.


>Click the rally point of the city you will be cresting from.
>Click March Troops tab.
>Press in the troops needed for the first wave.
>Scroll down to the brown [ bulk add cords] and press that.
>Paste the cords into the square box under it.
>Select the [ ] This is an initial suicide wave to wipe out traps on a wilderness.
   -- in the x and y bow enter the first cords of the wild cords you pasted.
>Scroll down and press the brown [ Bulk Add ] button.

** a pop up should come up with the number of cords you entered.**

 >close the rally point.


>Re open the rally point.
>Click march troops tab.
>Press in the troops needed for the second wave.
>Scroll down to the brown [ bulk add cords] and press that.
>Paste the cords into the square box under it.
>Select Type of Locations (All coordinates must match this type): WILDERNESS
 -- in the x and y bow enter the first cords of the wild cords you pasted.
>Scroll down and press the brown [ Bulk Add ] button.

** a pop up should come up with the number of cords you entered.**

>Close the rally point.
    STEP 3

>On the main screen select the yellow OPTIONS
>Attack type [ ] select wilderness.
>Prioritise attacks for wilderness also.
>15 seconds(or 5 sec.) in between sending each attack.
>Time in between sending to the same target...
>Attacking wilderness[ 1 ] hrs.

 -- up to you if you decide to auto remove wilderness attack reports.

>scroll down and press the blue SAVE button.

Click the auto attack ON!!

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