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Offensive Training

SUPPLY TROOPS … Useless other then able to dodge spikes but you have to maintain huge numbers of them to haul anything major. And spikes can be cleared with small numbers of hc.

MM … only good at clearing traps, caltrops, and sometimes walls. To clear traps send one MM per trap 100% loss Caltrops send 2 mm per trop 100% loss For bows you have to send 9 mm per bow normal loss is 8 per bow !

PIKES .. Excellent secret weapon ;-) when used right. They are great to kill HC on defend and strip walls of bows on attack but here is the keys to using pikes in both .
Defend.. You have to have equal or greater numbers of pikes to the hc attacking and you have to have equal the numbers of archers as you do pikes to be effective. If 100k hc is attacking you and you have 100k pike and 100k archers you will kill 100% of there hc for a loss of only your pikes. If this is done on a wall with cross bows. If your fighting these hc and there is no bows there you have to have 2x the number pikes to the hc with equal number of archers as pikes to have that 100k pike loss against 100k hc without that doubel you will loose 100% all troops and enemy will only loose 40k hc

Attack.. If you send pikes to attack an UNDEFENDED wall send pikes at 3x pikes per bow but you have to send equal numbers of swords for this to work and you will loose 1.5 pikes per bow. But all field defenses must be cleared first. IF YOU DO NOT SEND EQUAL NUMBERS OF SWORDS THIS WILL NOT WORK.

SWORDS… Ok these are best on defend along with archers. They help defend against archer attack . But if you have 50k swords and 100k archers on defend with a wall and bows and your being attacked by 100k archers you will kill there archers for about a 50k archer loss yourself if you was fighting with only the archers the enemy archers would kill all your archers and breach your walls. If you send swords alone against crossbows you have to send 5-1 to be really effective and will loose about 2 swords per bow so pikes are cheaper still to send with the swords for then you wil only loose the pikes

ARCHERS … seems to be no changes other then if your defending with archers you really need to have at least 2x the number attacking or more and still take a nice loss unless you really outnumber the attacker. But if you have half the attacking force in swords with double the swords in archers you can defend and only take half the archer loss without loss to your swords. On attack have to send 2 archers per troop maining the walls and against a wall of bows alone you have to send 4 archers per bow. However you take a 2.5 arcehr loss per bow on average so the pike sword combo still cheaper to replace.

REGULAR CAVALRY… Great for barbing levels 1-3 and fast transport and fast farmer for undefended cities I recommend using them as support troops only not on attack missions for on a wall of bows you have to send 3 reg cav per bow and take a loss of about 1.5 reg cav per bow so pikes are much much cheaper to replace there. They are usless on defend other then they die!

HEAVY CALVALRY … The queen of attacks. As long as your not attacking a target with pikes. When sending to clear spikes 1 hc will clear out 50 spikes so a small handfull just to clear spikes is a great advantage and then you can send in wagons to mop up after. When attacking a wall of bows make sure your sending at least 2 hc per bow and you will take a 1 hc loss per bow if that is all your sending . However if they are not defending and you send in 90-125k hc on a maxed 9-10 wall you will only take a 4-5k hc loss if you outnumber them that much. With 90-125k hc you can attack a city with 200k archers and a maxed 9 wall and only take about 18k hc loss which is not bad ratio to the other persons losses considering you would need to send in 2 waves of 100k archers with frist wave total loss and second about 25k loss to do the same so hc is supreme in that however , if the defender has more then 25% your hc force in pike DO NOT ATTACK WITH HC your losses will be way way to high to justify.

BALLISTA .. Ok has two good uses attack and defend. Now there is the key to ballsita . On attack 100k ballista will kill 250k archers on the wall. On a undefended wall 100k ballista till take out maxed level 10 of bows for a 18% loss so better to send in hc instead. Ballsita kills archers first! On and attack. Against other seige weapons ballista needs to be send in 2 x the number of defenders on defend 65k ballista with level 10 fletch can withstand unlimited numbers of graound troops forever attacking and never loose a single ballista. However HC, Ballista, Catapults can kill the defending ballista. Nothing else will.

BATTERING RAMS … Good for one thing only .. On atack or defend …. TO DIE NEVER MAKE THEM

CATAPULTS … Great on attack against ballista but you have to send equal cats to ballista on defend to make a real real however if you send in 25k cats against 100k ballista on defend the 25k cats will kill 13k ballista

Order troops dies no matter what

Regular Cav
Heavy Cav

Unless you send in certain troop mixes such as HC will kill pikes first. And cats will kill ballsita and archers first .

Some more good info to look thru...

3 pikemen kill 1 heavy cavalry
2 pikemen kill 1 cavalry
1 scout destroys 4 caltrops
1 militia klls 1 trap, as do most units, except siege engines.
1 ballista kill 5 traps and rams kill 10 traps.
1 swordsmen kills 2 archers
4 swordsmen kill 1 wall-mounted crossbow, but send a 1:4 ratio of pikemen:swords when going against crossbows, the pikemen will draw the fire of the crossbows while the swords rush in and destroy the crossbows
when hitting a wall that has ONLY wall mounted crossbows with heavy cavalry send 10k scouts with them. the scouts draw the fire. 2 heavy cavalry destroy 1 crossbow
1 catapult kills about 4 crossbows
1 ram kills 3 crossbows

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